We were born in the same year that the Channel Tunnel opened, Blur were singing Parklife and millions of people crossed their fingers as the UK National Lottery made its first ever draw. During the summer of ’94 The Art of Design quietly came to be and we’ve been successfully doing our stuff ever since. In that time the sheer variety of work has been quite staggering.

We may not have won the lottery but we have been fortunate to work with some wonderful clients on fantastic projects and to this day we continue to do so.

New technology breeds new opportunities. Design is no exception - the technology is constantly evolving and we embrace the whole thing. Social media, apps, animation are all part of our daily virtual world, which for us just keeps broadening the horizon of what can be achieved.

We love it. Meeting new people, solving problems with creative solutions and getting involved in our clients’ industries. Every job is different and no two days the same. We are proud of our work and still get a huge thrill from creating a new brand, launching a website or seeing our print roll off the press. It really is what motivates us and makes our business so enjoyable.

Whatever the problem, come and share our enthusiasm, let us be part of your team.